Winter Solstice 2008

With contributions from:

  • Andrew Sewell
  • Otto Snow
  • Thomas Lyttle
  • Zhah
  • Dr. Mercury
  • Dr. Feelodd
  • J. Cocktoasten
  • Justin Case
  • Jon Hanna
  • Keeper Trout
  • Plastinate, CA
  • Will Beifuss
  • and more...



  • "Unauthorized Research on Cluster Headache"
  • "Otto Snow Speaks..."
  • "Lost in Jonathan Ott's Footsteps: Acentone Tinctures of Salvia divinorum"
  • "First Look at a New Psychoactive Drug: Symmetry (salvinorin B ethoxymethyl ether)"
  • "Old Hair and Tryptamines"
  • "Keep that Mimosa Mud!"
  • "Lamid"
  • "I Need a Miracle"
  • Network Feedback includes questions, answers, and comments about Armatocereus, Trichocereus pachaNOT, Takini, extracting plastics, Deprenyl & phenethylamine, peyote harvests, California banning sales of Salvia divinorum to minors, and fingerprint drug-ID
  • The "Sources" column reviews the web site of visionary artist Donna Torres, previews Snu Voogelbreinder's book Garden of Eden, provides details on, presents information on the Spice herbal smoking blend that contains synthetic THC analogues, and describes a number of ayahuasca retreat centers
  • "Book Reviews" cover Chemical Warefare: Secrets Almost Forgotten by James Ketchum and Anadenanthera: Visionary Plant of Ancient South America by C.M. Torres and D.B. Repke
  • "Farewell and Thanks!"
  • Plus the issue's Bibliography, and the Index for all of the 2008 issues

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