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Ayahuasca Healing
Produces excellent experiential seminars in the Brazilian Amazon. Participants have the opportunity to partake in 4 ayahuasca sessions, 2
Salvia divinorum sessions, regression therapy, and use brain-tech devices. Past and future presenters include: Pablo Amaringo, Alistair Appleton, Richard Glen Boire, Clydette Clayton, Rick Doblin, Frank Echenhofer, Alex Grey, Stuart Hameroff, Jon Hanna, Isabela Hartz, Susan Halle, Martina Hoffmann, David Icke, Mireille N. Mendes, Sue Minns, Jonathan Ott, Silvia Polivoy, Gary Reich, Zoe Seven, and Robert Venosa.


Mind States
Mind States produces conferences in the USA and seminars in foreign locations that deal with the ways and means of altered consciousness. See their web site for details on future conferences, or to sign up for the Mind States events notifications e-mail list--a monthly update on various similar gatherings of interest.


Women's Visionary Congress
A gathering of healers, activists, researchers, and artists who are redefining the use of entheogens in contemporary society. Conference presenters address the traditional uses of these substances and investigate their contemporary therapeutic applications. This gathering acts as a benefit for the Women's Entheogen Fund. See the web site for more information on future conferences.



American Botanical Council
Publisher of the wonderful quarterly journal
HerbalGram, which presents information on the chemistry, culture, and use of medicinal and psychoactive herbs. Frequently discusses happenings surrounding FDA regulations and attempts to regulate herbs. A definite must. The American Botanical Council also publishes numerous excellent books and monographs on herbs.


Dale Pendell's Books
The excellent books
Pharmako/Poeia, Pharmako/Dynamis, and Pharmako/Gnosis. All of these books are must haves. Order signed copies at this site, and keep abreast of Dale's speaking schedule too. Highly recommended.


Entheogene Blätter
The now-defunct German edition of
The Entheogen Review, published/edited by Hartwin Rohde. Previously produced on a sporadic basis, they reprinted translated articles that have appeared in past issues of ER, and provided entirely new content in German. Highly recommended.


The Entheogen Review
The Entheogen Review was a quarterly publication that served as a clearinghouse for current data about the use of visionary plants and drugs. All communications were kept in the strictest confidence--unless otherwise requested, published material was identified only by the author's initials and state of residence. The mailing list is not for sale, rent, or loan. Think of The Entheogen Review as a network newsletter; the voice of a community of subscribers seeking and sharing information on the cultivation, extraction, and ritual use of entheogens. Subjective results experienced by readers were published too. The Entheogen Review was dedicated to bringing you the latest, most accurate and novel data possible on these and related topics--information you cannot find anywhere else! Edited by David Aardvark and K. Trout, past and recent issues feature writing from: Will Beifuss, Richard Glen Boire, Jim DeKorne, Earth Erowid, Francesco Festi, Jay C. Fikes, Robert Forte, Elizabeth Gips, Alex Grey, Jon Hanna, Mark Hoffman, Albert Hofmann, Ernst Jünger, Gwyllm Llwydd, Thomas Lyttle, Terence McKenna, Dan Merkur, Jean Millay, J.P. Morgan, Jonathan Ott, Dale Pendell, Will Penna, Mark Pesce, Thomas J. Riedlinger, René Rikkelman, Giorgio Samorini, Nick Sand, Alexander Shulgin, Daniel Siebert, Myron Stolaroff, Rick Strassman, R. Stuart, Sylvia Thyssen, D.M. Turner, Leander J. Valdés III, R. Gordon Wasson, and numerous anonymous and pseudonymous contributors.


Flashback Books
Hard-to-find, out-of-print books and ephemera related to psychedelia. Great service, wonderful selection. We're ecstatic that they are finally on the web! This is one of our favorite companies.


Magus Books & Herbs
A good selection (around 100 books) of titles related to psychedelics. Magus Books & Herbs even lists titles that have not yet been published, and note the date that they are scheduled to appear. They also sell periodicals, music, incense, jewelry, ritual supplies, and herbs (such as Salvia divinorum).


Morbid Curiosity Magazine
Focuses on true first-person encounters with the unsavory, unwise, unorthodox, and unusual: all the dark elements that make life truly worth living.


New Falcon Publications
Publisher of controversial books and audio CDs on metaphysics, sexuality, astrology, tarot, Magick, Golden Dawn, and New Age. Authors include Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, Israel Regardie, Aleister Crowley, Christopher Hyatt and many others.


Trout's Notes
Writings, rants, photos, and a nice selection of links from the technical editor of
The Entheogen Review.



Offering ethnobotanicals and hemp-related products.


Cannabis Seeds
A company based in the United Kingdom that will ship
Cannabis seeds anywhere in the world.


Bouncing Bear Botanicals
A good selection of all of the more relevant entheobotanicals at great prices.


Don't let the weird misspelling of "entheogens" fool you, since that is exactly what is for sale at Enthnogens.Com. Seeds, herb, live plants, and books. They even list the sources of origin for their dried
Amanita muscaria caps.


Leading ethnobotanical supply in Scandinavian since 1998. We offer a wide range of sacred and rare herbs, plants, seeds as well as instruments, books and music.


Maya Ethnobotanicals
Countless psychoactive herbs at retail and wholesale prices. A great resource.


Medicine Garden
Excellent selection of seeds, plants, and dried herbs, as well as books, water filters, vegetable oils, and many other products.


Your one-stop web source in the Netherlands for entheobotanicals, mushrooms, books, and related gear.


Psychoactive Herbs
The usual suspects, with a solid focus on plants that actually are psychoactive (as opposed to many such companies, that mainly have fluff). Interesting looking
Amanita extracts, kratom extracts, Lagochilus extracts, and more.


Offers a variety of plant extracts. Along with a 70% alkaloidal extract of Picralima nitida and a 15X extract of Mitragyna speciosa, they have 5X extracts of all of the following: Buddleia officinalis flower bud, Salvia divinorum, Salvia miltiorrhiza root, Sophora subprostrata root, and Vitex agnus-castus berry powder. And they have unspecified concentration extracts from Corydalis yanhusuo rhizome powder, Laurelia novae-zelandiae, Leonitis leonurus resin, and Mitragyna javanica. Dried whole herbs for many of the same plants that they offer extracts of are available, and they also carry dried Lactuca virosa, Mitragyna parvifolia, Mitragyna stipulosa, Tabernaemontana pachysiphon, and Voacanga africana root-bark, plus a very small selection of seeds and live plants. None of their products are sold for consumption.


Sacred Seeds
A Canadian exotic seed and houseplant shop that specializes in medicinal, rare, and otherwise intriguing plants.



Salvia Space
Incredibly low prices on Salvia divinorum leaf and extracts. Other psychoactive botanicals are also available.


Shaman Australis
Carries a nice selection of plants and seeds, but only via wholesale. Their web site has a lot of good information on the products that they sell. They also sponsor entheogen-related seminars in Australia.



Earth's Tongue
A new source for psilocybian mushroom spores, prepared and sterilized jars, casing soils and spawn bags, and various products and accessories. Their web site has a photo gallery, a FAQ, and more. They sell 20 cc spore syringes for the same price or lower than other companies sell 10 cc syringes.


The Hawk's Eye
Offers spore prints and spore syringes for various psilocybian mushrooms--an extensive selection of different strains collected worldwide. Web site is chock full of great photos.


Tools, supplies, field guides, T-shirts, videos, and cultivation books for mushroom growers.


The Ones that Stain Blue
Vendors of
Psilocybe cubensis spore prints from Texas. Good prices, reliable service.


Ralphster's Spores
Purveyor of fine mushroom spores. They offer a wide variety of hard to obtain Psilocybe cubensis and Panaeolus (copelandia) mushroom spores. These products are available in print or syringe. Fast, discreet shipping, and excellent customer service.


The Sporeworks
Purveyors of rare and exotic mushroom spores and spore syringes for numerous psychoactive species. Detailed growing information is also available at this web site.



Best of the web, period. Most reliable, well-referenced site on psychoactive drugs and the mind states they engender. Think of them as the PBS of the web, and remember to donate some funds towards keeping this valuable reference running to its best ability.


Institute of Noetic Sciences
A research foundation, an educational institution, and a membership organization with more than 50,000 members internationally. The noetic sciences comprise an interdisciplinary study of the mind, consciousness, and diverse ways of knowing, focused especially in the fields of science, mind-body health, psychology, the healing arts and sciences, the social sciences and spirituality.


The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies
Established in 1986, MAPS is the torch-bearer for aboveground psychedelic research. They also publish topical books and a calendar of visionary art.


A non-commercial online community for drug-related information, news, trip reports, a photo gallery, a forum, a Wiki-style encyclopedia, and links. With pages in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese, although this site is currently not huge, it has an international cast of contributors.


Wasiwaska (the House of the Vine) is a research center for the study of psychointegrator plants, visionary art, and consciousness. Wasiwaska is a Brazilian non-profit organization located in Florianópolis, on the beautiful island of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil, which was created by Luis Eduardo Luna, Ph.D.



Ruary James Allan
In his art, Ruary James Allan approaches metaphysical realities through myth and visual analogy. The imagery has been influenced by Celtic, eastern, ancient, and modern traditions. Attempting to blend these traditions with his own idiosyncratic vision, he produces art that simultaneously speaks on many levels--personal, social, ecological and spiritual--aiming to make even the most difficult subject matter beautiful. He hopes that his art may serve as a portal, enabling people to deepen their appreciation of the world and themselves. His paintings have been shown at various galleries, juried art fairs, festivals, and events in northern California, Oregon, and Japan, and he has been published in Creation Spirituality Network magazine and Psychic Reader, on flyers for Burning Man parties and in other hip places.

Sheldon Drake
Web site for paintings, computer graphics, video, DJ/audio, and more from multi-media artist Sheldon Drake.


Sacred Light Studio
The amazing visionary/spiritual art of Mark Henson. Check it out.


The Post Psychedelic art of Mortiz R®.


Peace Rock Posters
A large selection of vintage rock posters and handbills from the 1960s and 1970s. Original Fillmore posters, Family Dog posters, black light posters, handbills, various ephemera, and more, from $25.00.



Alkemists Pharmaceuticals
Alkemists Pharmaceuticals is directed by Sidney Sudberg, AHG and phytochemist. This independent research and contract laboratory is dedicated to achieving quality in the botanical industry and offers a unique, and environmentally friendly analytical approach that combines Microscopy with Digital Photo-Documentation and analytical chemistry techniques like High Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography as well as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, for the proper identification, characterization and/or quantitative determination of the chemical-marker content of botanical samples. View the Image Library for some unique micrographs of characteristic plant cellular structures used in the identification of the correct Genus/species of various botanicals. Also, take a look at the R & D section for current research on botanical quality control.


Manufactures the ice-water hash preparation system called the "bubblebag," which allows one to produce a high-grade hash by using ice and ice-cold water to harden and detach the trichomes from the leaf.


Quality Health, Inc.
A supplier of smart drugs, anti-aging drugs, hormones, amino acids, herbal and other supplements, and other pharmaceuticals.