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What has been said about the new edition of
The Entheogen Review?

  • “The new editors... make it a better publication.”

    — Jim DeKorne,
    Founding Editor of
    The Entheogen Review

  • “Immeasurably improved over its prior incarnation.”

    — Jonathan Ott,

  • “The only interesting zine known to me. Everything else sucks.”

    — Peter Lamborn Wilson,
    author of
    Ploughing the Clouds

  • “ER is great—I really appreciate your offering, and the sacrifices you make. The info you coordinate and share, and the forum you create is important and vital and keeps getting better. Please keep up the good work—it is good work, and I know! Much of the material on new psychedelics is inspiring and stimulating.”

    — Nick Sand,
    chemist and former drug war prisoner

  • “Do yourself a favor. The Entheogen Review is indispensable. You cannot miss this journal and call yourself an Entheogenic Explorer. Support this wonderful journal, NOW.”

    — Andrew Edmond,
    Founding Director of the Lycaeum

  • “On a scale of 1 to 10 if the DeKorne ER was a perfect ‘10’ because of its ground-breaking approach, this new version is a ‘50+’ for expanding on the original promise of the ER! Kudos must be handed down to Mr. Trout and Mr. Aardvark for creating a scholarly entheogen-based journal for the masses! Much of what is presented in the new ER cannot be found anywhere by the layman—even on the dreaded internet.”

    — Reverend MeO,
    reviewer for Entheogen.Com

  • “The new ER looks great. You guys rock.”

    — Sylvia Thyssen,
    Headmistress of Shamanatrix



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