Autumnal Equinox 2005

With contributions from:

  • Albert Hofmann
  • Rick Doblin
  • Charles Grob
  • Casey William "Freeblood" Hardison
  • Daniel Siebert
  • Dana Larson
  • Susan Blackmore
  • Jonathan Ott
  • K. Trout
  • Mulga
  • Scotto
  • Jon Hanna
  • and others...



  • "Albert Hofmann Speaks..." The transcription of a recent conversation with the Swiss chemist who discovered LSD.
  • "Novel Condensation of d-LA into d-LSD via PyPOB" by Casey William "Freeblood" Hardison presents the author's clandestine research discoveries for a high-yield production of LSD via a novel chemical process--an activity which unfortunately led to his arrest.
  • "Shhh... Salvia divinorum and Secrecy" shares Daniel Siebert's musings about free information versus a hidden society approach, with regard to the potential threat of legal restrictions on this plant.
  • "Marc Emery Busted" exposes the disturbing attempt by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to extradite Marc into the United States to face charges of selling Cannabis seeds into America.
  • "Hyperspatial Maps" wax poetic with a couple of Salvia divinorum experiences.
  • "Galbulimima belgraveana, 'Agara' Bark" by Benjamin Thomas presents some history of the use of this purported entheogen, and describes his own psychonautical effort.
  • "Absinthe Not Absent... 'Absence" Anyone?" by Jon Hanna relates the legal history of this wormwood-based liquor, notes the recent end to its prohibition in Switzerland, and speculates on a potentially legal analogue brew for those in the United States.
  • All the above, plus the "Network Feedback," "Seeds & Stems," "Conference Review," "Events Calendar," "Sources," and "Book Review" columns.

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