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Exploring Consciousness, Hyperspace and Beyond Using Brain Technology, Psychedelics and Altered-Mind States
by Zoe Seven

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The book, which normally retails for $33.50 can be purchased through our Amazon.com store for $22.50 through $25.00, depending on condition.

Based on the author's investigative research, experiments, and explorations, this book takes your mind where few others have gone before! Join techno-shaman Zoe Seven as he sets out on an unparalleled journey of self-discovery in search of his own answers about the nature of the physical dimension, the human mind, space, time, consciousness, existence, and more.

“Although some of Zoe Seven’s theories seem pretty ‘far out,’ he has done an amazing amount of exploring in a short period of time and his experiences resonate strongly with some that I have had myself. If one can get past the multiple personality shtick as it is first presented, which seems a bit ‘new agey’ in flavor, as well as the typos and poor grammar, one will discover that Zoe Seven has come up with an interesting and comprehensive theory for ‘how it all works.’ You need not believe this theory to enjoy the tale, and Zoe entreats people to try things out for themselves. Of particular interest is his work combining brain machines and psychedelics; not much has previously been written on this topic and Zoe Seven’s pioneering book is the most comprehensive exploration that I am aware of.”

— Jon Hanna
from the Psychedelic Resource List, fourth edition

“[A] promising mélange...Into The Void makes Terence McKenna's self-transforming machine elves seem like something you'd find working at McDonald's, serving you Faberge Egg mcMuffins.”

— Scotto Moore,
Trip magazine, Fall 2001



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