Winter Solstice 2005

With contributions from:

  • Robert Forman
  • Sue Supriano
  • Peter Gorman
  • NOIA
  • Michael Acevedo
  • Keeper Trout
  • Jon Hanna
  • and others...



  • "Robert Forman Speaks..." The transcription of an interview with this visionary artist, who works in a medium and method similar to Huichol yarn artists.
  • "Ayahuasca Healing and an Inkling of Darkness: Part I" by Peter Gorman presents the first installment of the author's exploration of ayahuasca via group sessions that he leads in the Amazon.
  • "Hyperspatial Maps" describes the importance of an MDMA session to healing a divide between new parents.
  • Network Feedback provides more information about the activity, or lack thereof, of Mimosa tenuiflora when consumed without a MAOI; notifies of a prisoner seeking pen pals; comments on the activity, or lack thereof, of nitrous oxide while on certain other drugs; presents a "booster" approach to dosing methylone and describes a prostate issue with that drug; gives a recipe for Catha edulis wine, discusses CCK potentiation of drugs; and asks & answers questions on several other topics.
  • With "Pscrewtopia" (in lieu of his normal "Sources" column), Jon Hanna disects problematic issues surrounding the cancelled Psytopia conference that was supposed to be held in Jamaica.

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